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After suffering a life-threating complication after giving birth to her second child, Anne DeSantis experienced her own personal miracle after receiving the healing hand of God.  Now a devout Catholic, wife and mother of two, she works to help families in crisis find spiritual healing as a director for the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation (SRNF).

Founded by the Mercedarian Friars (the Order of Mercy) in 2015, the SRNF ministers to families in crises such as divorce, addiction, mental health, etc.  They work to provide spiritual healing through spiritual consultations, prayer, and more.  In addition, they have multiple resources available for clients to seek additional help for the challenges they face and struggle with.

Anne DeSantis is also the host of Journeys in Faith, a live videocast that broadcasts on Facebook Live and YouTube, and co-host of Sewing Hope Podcast, both affiliates of the Fiat Ministry Network and Patchwork Heart Ministry founded by Bill Snyder.

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Our guest is Hyacinth Hermida, a Catholic convert from the Philippines who tells us the story of how her childhood traumas and abuse led her to the Catholic faith.  From being raised in the occult to living a hermitic life in a monastery in the Holy Land, hear how she now inspires others to face their trauma and to seek God for healing.

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Gifted Sacrifice

In this episode, Carlos and Angel talk about their 2021 Lenten sacrifice while discussing the deeper meaning behind it.


Podcast Notes:

- Does it truly mean something to you to give something up for Lent?

- Why do you personally give something up?

- Where can we be more cultural rather than spiritual Catholics?

- Finding the gift in the sacrifice - When giving something up turns out to have something better in store.

- Ways to increase your spiritual/prayer life

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Our guest speaker this week is Maria Spears a self-worth strategist working alongside The Woman School to help women discover their value and gain the tools to live a holistic life. With Maria, we discussed the power and importance in positive thinking and positive words, what it means to love and care for ourselves and how that translates to all the aspects of our lives.  It is not about just the spiritual or mental well-being, but about the physical and emotional as well.

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Who is Humana Corpus Dignitate?  Carlos and Angel discuss their faith journey and how HCD got started in this first episode of Faith Enfleshed, the official podcast of Humana Corpus Dignitate.


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