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We are human beings, prone to sinful choices.  Yet, knowing this, Jesus died for us.  How do we reconcile ourselves with Jesus in order to fully grasp what it means to have God's loving mercy?  What do we need to do as Catholics in order to fully accept, appreciate and absorb all the Jesus died for on that cross? If we don't learn to admit our own faults and seek healing, how can we expect to share God's loving mercy and forgiveness to others?  All this as Carlos and Angel talk about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist and get emotional talking about some of their own personal experiences.

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After an incident occurred in which a young catechumen was angered and hurt by the way her catechist brought up and spoke on abortion, Angel and Carlos discussed the ways in which Church and Scriptural truths can be taught that does not diminish their ideals.  Young people are looking to be nurtured, hoping to find ways that the teachings are relevant to them and their own lives.  The old ways of teaching no longer work in a society that has access to so much more information.  We must change the way we teach in order to speak to the hearts of the young Catholics, and hopefully prevent them from disassociating from the Church.

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